Contributors to Nautilus

At GUADEC Andre Klaper made a report of top most contributors to GNOME in the last year, and to my surprise I saw my name in the top 5 of patch reviewers. Did I really review so many patches?

If you remember I did a blog post stating how healthy Nautilus development is being lately. However I didn’t know it was at this level. And now I also understand why I spend less time coding these days.

To summarize, the first year as maintainer of Nautilus I reviewed around 100 patches in total.

And this is how it looks this year


567 patches reviewed! Almost 6 times more than one year ago. Those patches come mostly from the 5 contributors I mention in the previous blog post. I’m glad they keep contributing to Nautilus, and doesn’t look like they want to go away.

Some of those contributors gained enough experience to help me with the project as a whole, discussing with other contributors improvements on the code, triaging in Bugzilla and reviewing patches. In this a big thanks goes to Ernestas Kulik, who is doing an amazing job and a great help to me in the parts I most need. And of course my GSOC minions Alex and Razvan who I had an amazing time at GUADEC with 🙂 .

Related to this, I asked on the Nautilus BOF at GUADEC what makes contributing to Nautilus interesting for people, and why they keep doing it. I was surprised to know that all of them agreed that most part of it is not the actual code, but our relationship in the channel and the small community we created inside the Nautilus project. Being responsive to the patches contributed and being present on the IRC channel for questions and random small talk makes the whole experience much more enjoyable. Chatting in the channel while coding to Nautilus became a “one beer with friends” time.

I feel the project is indeed moving in the right direction.

Thanks all!



3 thoughts on “Contributors to Nautilus

  1. That’s all from GUADEC? Any Infos what happened at the BOFs, why certain features were not included in nautilus 3.22 etc. Update(s) much appreciated!

    1. No no, lot of info from Bofs in GUADEC 🙂 but now there are too many blog posts, I will wait for making this one in a few weeks

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