Guadec – Visit Karlsruhe doing sport

One of the things I miss when going to Guadec is to visit the actual city. Usually we don’t have much time for visiting the place, and even if you do, you will visit just few well known places, and more like a tourist rather than a regular citizen, which in my opinion misses part of the beauty.

Another thing is that during this week is common to over eat and break the sports habits you could have.

Last Guadec at Gotenburg I had the idea to fix both problems at once. How about go running, in a relax pace, for about 30 min to different places every day of the conference?

This allowed me to really know the city, and discover few interesting not so well known places.

I will start on Saturday 13 August on the morning before the conference starts, so we can have the afternoon free to enjoy with people and beers.

If you want to join, contact me or join the telegram group @guadecsport or go to and we can set up time and place to visit, proposals are welcome 🙂

Hope to see you!


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