It’s been two years since the last blog post, with all the changes in life and work, it deserves a blog post flush. From here above, stories come from a different background, different way of living and working, and different experiences. And I believe this would be true for almost everyone đŸ˜‰


A GNOME dev enters an Akademy and…

Felipe Borges and me recently went to Akademy after a conversation between the two of us three days before the KDE conference that went like: “Ugh, seems there is no GNOMEr going to Akademy…” “Let’s go?” “Let’s go” And so three days later we traveled to Wien to meet with the KDE community. On arrival,Continue reading “A GNOME dev enters an Akademy and…”

Desktop icons goes beta

Hi all, Today I have good news for “classic mode” users and those used to desktop icons. Context & random thoughts As you might know, few months ago we removed the handling of desktop icons in Nautilus. As mentioned in the past, the desktop icons code was blocking at that point any further major developmentContinue reading “Desktop icons goes beta”

What did go well with the action bar proposal?

Hello all, In a previous blog post I asked feedback about adding an always visible action bar to Nautilus that integrated the floating bar info too. It was very useful, as most of you confirmed our suspicions that it was too heavy, so we researched for a better solution for the goals we had: MakeContinue reading “What did go well with the action bar proposal?”

Projects & release planning for GNOME

Hello all, I have been trying to improve our development experience by putting things together and create processes for our most common tasks taking advantage of the automation and features from GitLab and other technologies. Today I’m going to propose the workflow for project & release planning for individual projects and for GNOME as a wholeContinue reading “Projects & release planning for GNOME”

Proposal to add an Action-Info Bar to Nautilus

Hello all, We are looking into adding an action & info bar to Nautilus. The background about this proposal can be read on the task where we put the main goals, prior art, different proposals and mockups, etc. We are not sure whether this is the appropriate solution and whether the implementation we propose isContinue reading “Proposal to add an Action-Info Bar to Nautilus”

IMPORTANT: GitLab mass migration plan

I know some fellows doesn’t read desktop-devel-list, so let me share here an email that it’s important for all to read: We have put in place the plan for the mass migration to GitLab and the steps maintainers needs to do. Read about it in the email sent to the mailing list. PD: What a historicalContinue reading “IMPORTANT: GitLab mass migration plan”

GitLab + Flatpak – GNOME’s full flow

In this post I will explain how GitLab, CI, Flatpak and GNOME apps come together into, in my opinion, a dream-come-true full flow for GNOME, a proposal to be implemented by all GNOME apps. Needless to say I enjoy seeing a plan that involves several moving pieces from different initiatives and people being put togetherContinue reading “GitLab + Flatpak – GNOME’s full flow”