Core Apps Hackfest – A success!

The GNOME Core Apps Hackfest just finished, I’m happy to say that it was a success!

Many people from different backgrounds were able to come, either from the community or from companies like Red Hat, Endless, Kinvolk, etc. all of us involved in different parts of the GNOME project.

The first we did was to write down what points  must be discussed during the 3 days, along with identifying the people involved in those topics. This was the trick to be productive in the hackfest, and all of us agreed it worked.

first day hackfest.jpg
First day early in the morning, before all people joined
Roadmap for the hackfest

Since it’s hard to see what’s written:

  • Tracker
    • System vs apps (containerisation)
    • Performance
    • Removable devices
  • Maps
  • Usage app (one  is being created)
  • Control center redesign
    • Network panel
    • Details panel
  • Calendar
    • Week view
    • Recurring events
    • Location checks/sugestions
  • Books
  • Software
    • Categories
    • Offline experience
    • Rollback
    • Shell extensions
    • Performance
    • Flatpaks installation
    • System vs user installs
    • EULA/Licenses
  • Sharing portal
  • Content selection portal
  • Libgd
    • Flowbox view
    • Tagged entry
  • Background apps
  • Files
    • Action bar
    • Bookmarks / XDG folders
    • External devices
  • Opening files with content apps
  • Extras
    • Music
    • Videos (series view)
    • Newcomers initiative, new revamp planning

Quite a lot! From that list we identified the most important items and the optional ones that are short enough to allocate some time for. We also identified which items require the most amount of people from different backgrounds to be together so they can be handled as best as possible.

Some topics were very well covered. GNOME Software is now important for a few companies and distributions, so it took quite a lot of discussion during the hackfest . Another topic that was discussed extensively was opening files with content applications, basically using Music, Photos, etc. to open files from Files.

But we also discussed more technical items, thanks to having gtk+ maintainers in the hackfest we were able to talk about gtk4, it’s new OpenGL based drawing model, containers API, GtkListBo, GtkFlowBox and essentially all what we need for our applications and 3rd party developers in the upcoming months.

Some of us will write about the specific items in the upcoming days with blog posts, so keep an eye on to see all the discussion we had and what solutions and decisions we came up with for those.

I want to say a big thank you for the excellent organisation of Joaquim Rocha, and for hosting us to Kinvolk, especially to Chris Kühl


and Collabora for sponsoring an excellent dinner on the first day of the hackfest


We had a great one!

Relaxing a bit in the Collabora sponsored dinner

Also to Red Hat and Endless for sending quite a few employees, and last but not least, to the GNOME Foundation for sponsoring the community members, who were essential in our discussions.

Hope you had fun!

5 thoughts on “Core Apps Hackfest – A success!

  1. The Details panel needs to be broken up IMO.

    “Default apps” is a good panel to have on its own and the removable media option is also useful. They are hidden and hard to find – For me its not logical to have to click details to get to them.

    Even the main Details page – the first time I clicked it I had no idea that it would show the system information. (the lack of the use of the word system or other word to indicate what the details are for hinders in discoverability too)/

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