Nautilus team grows – It’s my pleasure to welcome Ernestas Kulik as co-maintainer

Becoming a maintainer of a FOSS project is not easy. It requires much more than just code skills. It’s about responsibility, product management, vision, community and hard work in long-term.

Becoming a maintainer of a FOSS project like Nautilus is even harder, it requires a sense of what being used by millions of people and delivering to business entitles. It also requires understanding the complexity of a file manager, and the old code that lies behind.

Now, becoming maintainer of a project that already has a maintainer working full time on it… that’s a different level.

Ernestas started contributing more than 2 years ago as a community member on his free time. Did major code work like porting Nautilus to Meson, make Nautilus work on Flatpak, improved search, improved operations, took the lead on fixing all deprecations (we had many!), worked on a prototype for a new cache/operations backend, dig into other libraries deeper on the stack to fix something that was visible in Nautilus, and many other things. What was most noticeable is the quality Ernestas strives for in all these contributions.

However, the above would make him “just” a good software programmer, the important part that makes him a good maintainer were other actions. Ernestas took the lead on newcomers bugs review/assignment, took the lead on legal matters like the GPL3 vs GPL2 issue we had with extensions, reviewed code from other contributors (including me), worked without dilation on critical issues in a timely manner, worked on tasks important to our vision, engaged in bug reports with good communication, helped with project direction, considered all sides and the big picture when taking decisions and last, all of this with excellence. If you ever wondered what someone has to do to become a good maintainer/co-maintainer, here’s the answer.

So without more dilation, welcome Ernestas in his new role as co-maintainer, go on IRC and congratulate him 🎉


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