GitLab update: Moving to the next step

Hello community,

I have good news, after few meetings and discussions with GitLab we reached an agreement on a way to bring the features we need and to fix our most important blockers in a reasonable time and in a way that are synced with us. Their team will fix our blockers in the next 1-2 months, most of them will be fix in the release of 22th of December and the rest if everything goes well in the release of 22th of January. The one left that out of those 2 months is a richer UI experience for duplicates, which is going to be an ongoing effort.

Apologies for the blockage for those that regularly asked to migrate their project, I wanted to make sure we are doing things in the right steps. I also wanted to make sure that I get feedback and comments about the initiative all around in my effort to make a representation of the community for taking these decisions. Now it’s the point where I’m confident, the feedback and comments both inside and outside of our core community has been largely that we should start our path to fully migrate to GitLab.

So starting today we move forward to the next step, this means that all projects that want to migrate are free to migrate. I’m also coordinating with some core apps for a migration in the upcoming month (e.g. Documents, Photos, Boxes), with other core projects to be migrated once we have in GitLab the features we need (i.e. Software, Shell, Mutter), and more platform-ish core projects like gtk+, glib etc. to be taken their time to ensure their migration is smooth. All depends individually of the project and the maintainer, of course.

With this change comes other news: We did our first batch migration of 8 projects today, totaling 21 projects that have moved by now. Also, the Engagement team has started using GitLab for better tracking and collaboration with the rest of the community, don’t hesitate to check it out if you want to make publicity of some feature or if you want to collaborate!

To make the transition easier, I created a general documentation for using GitLab for GNOMER’s, check it out here (feel free to edit). If you want to help, get in touch with me or check out our task list. If you want your project to be moved, get in touch with me or create an issue like this one.

As always, I’m there for your questions and feedback. You can do so in this mail chain, in irc, in private messages to me or by filling issues in the GNOME infrastructure project. I just want to ask, please keep in mind that I’m doing this entirely in my free time, so be considerate, I don’t have unlimited energy 🙂

Also thanks to all that helped so far, specially Phillip, Emmanuele , Alberto, Andrea and the GitLab team.

Hope you enjoy the news and the work we have done.

You can follow the discussion in the desktop-devel-list of GNOME.

6 thoughts on “GitLab update: Moving to the next step

  1. Hi, thanks a lot for your work!
    BTW, I have a lot of questions regarding continuous integration.
    – Is it already enabled on some projects?
    – What are the plans for the gitlab-runner: specific runners, shared runners?
    – Are there some runners already available that some projects can use?
    – Is there a kind of runners that are recommanded? (docker?)

    Thanks 🙂

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