BOF session of Nautilus – GUADEC


As the tittle says, we will have a discussion/bof session about Nautilus in GUADEC.

As you may know, discussing on internet is rarely a great experience, with the big disadvantage that influencing people over it doesn’t work well. From a developer point of view, I don’t know to who I am talking with and why, so in projects where discussions are a daily experience is difficult to know what we should put on the top priority list.

The small hackfest is going to be focused more on the philosophical side, with specific actionable items for the future.

We will talk and discuss about what we have done wrong in the past; what users are missing, like dual panel and type ahead search, why they are missing it and how we can improve those use cases; we will also talk about the transition from Nautilus 2 to Nautilus 3 and what we can learn from it in order to make changes a smoother experience.

The program is here. I will gladly add anything people would like to talk about.

If you ever wanted to influence Nautilus, this is your opportunity, come to GUADEC.

Do not use comment sections to discuss them 🙂 just grab your backpack and come to GUADEC.

4 thoughts on “BOF session of Nautilus – GUADEC

  1. Type Ahead Navigation is working well with “Search in Subfolters = never”. But I observed myself, turning it on some times to switch to search-mode instead (which is “always” or “on this computer only”).

    Do you think it possible to move this setting to the browser-windows itself? I know it was difficult for you to decide in first place, wheter it should receide in settings or in the window.


  2. I don’t recall in the past few years ever seeing anybody define what “BOF” means for those of us who can’t go to GUADEC. Can you define it?

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