Guadec 2015 – Report – Introduction

One of the things that most changed this year for me is the vast improvement on technical usefulness of Guadec.

I have been talking with a lot of people about different topics, and most of the time in the conference we discussed long time practical and doable things for the future.

Now that I feel how much Guadec helps to get things done and explore new ways, what I miss from other years is that people don’t expose it to the public, and to make sure we show that creating these events and spending money on them is one of the best thing the foundation can do.

So I’m going to do a deep report about Guadec in a series of posts about the things that we are going to do, or things that are a real thing now and we need to address.

These will be the topics:

  • Guadec – Introduction
  • Guadec 2015 – Topic 1/5 –  Owncloud and GNOME – Should we make it our UbuntuOne/OneDrive/iCloud/Google services?
  • Guadec 2015 – Topic 2/5 — Community – The two faces
  • Guadec 2015 – Topic 3/5 — Gnome Shell extensions, what to do with you?
  • Guadec 2015 – Topic 4/5 — Newcommers – Where are you?
  • Guadec 2015 – Topic 5/5 — Nautilus views rewriting, with GtkFlowBox and GtkListView. What do we need to do?

Stay tuned and hope you like it!

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