Nautilus port to GAction, GMenu, and Popovers – Penultimate last step


Finally I have all working and change as per the mockup in

The positioning and size of icons are also changed to and



So, how much change is it?

The main patch touch 24 files, a clean up of -6210 lines of code, and added +2802

For me the most important part was deleting 6000 lines of code. Nautilus was using lot of legacy code, codified in an intricate way. Cleaning up those lines makes the maintenance of the application a lot more pleasure, and a little more smarter.

So what is the work still needed?

Basically, make sure I deleted all the legacy code and make sure every case is still took into account now with less lot code. Hopefully next week I will have a patch ready to review. I guess the review part will be a little long, since there’s new ideas that probably reviewers will argue.

After that, create the new API for extensions and make extensions work.

Hope you like the new changes in nautilus!