Guadec?… GUADEC!

This year I was sponsored to go to Guadec like the last year, so although a student budge is not that big to go to a city like Strasbourg for 8 days, Guadec brings a good opportunity and I didn’t want to lose it.

I traveled with Florian Müllner most of the time (except the flight), and it was pretty good to see him again affter one year, so we had a lot to talk on the train =)

As other said/will say, Guadec started with great talks, which I would like to empathize the Gnome builder talk, which I consider a key to bring new contributors who now, at least on my university, are use to Java/Android + Eclipse. For what I know, what Christian did has no precedent, and I thank him a lot for that (and I guess all gnomers do).

On the other hand, Emmanuele talk about clutter inside Gtk+ was the other one that I really liked it and that I followed the progress, hoping to see some practical results soon.

Oh, for first time I was less nervous in my public talk, which is a big achievement and a big deal for me!

Then, on practical goals, I discussed few things for projects I have and I have now a TODO  about the direction we should take for those projects. Those projects include a improvement on the gnome love wiki pages to make newcommers life easier; a secret little project about trying to make first time use of fedora easier; and I spent two afternoons with Florian reviewing the code of my Gsoc, that by the way, the code is done, but I have to apply some reviews to make it good enough for upstream, so expect great news soon.

Thanks Gnome for sponsoring my travel, and thanks to all of people who help me to do what I want to do, hacking Gnome!



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