Swarm animation for gnome-shell

There’s been long time I didn’t post. Normally I don’t like to spend time writing post, and instead I like to make things happens instead.

But today is not the day =)

This year I also applied to GSOC for gnome-shell (and in fact, to whatever gnome needs). The project will be to add a swarm animation to the gnome-shell. Here’s the link of the animation I have to achieve:

So far so good I tried to implement a prototype, and it kinda works. You can test it at:


BUT, I’m being a bad boy here and I’m tricking clutter, so don’t look at the code.

If I become elected for gsoc I’ll end this project and probably do other things on gnome-shell, polari, or whatever gnome needs to push the next release, since it seems that I can end the project before gsoc ends.

Hope you like!


8 thoughts on “Swarm animation for gnome-shell

  1. Me likes!!… That’s amazing, after all the great things in GNOME 3.12, the icing on the cake with things like this would make the end result even more interesting!

    1. Well, in fact it’s mean to be default in 3.14. If not, someone can take the code on the branch I posted and make a copy pasting extension =)

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