Guadec 2013


Since gnome sponsorship my travel and accommodation in Brno –  Czech Republic, I was be able to go to Guadec this year, and it was a grateful experience!

I meet people I was working with in IRC chat, so, they had no face, no voice, no person! So meet them in guadec was a very good experience and good opportunity to talk, discuss, work together and finally take some beers with them.

First day was a little chaotic for me, my fligth was overbooked, so I had to take a different flight, going trough Munich, and then arriving to Wien. That middle flight was delayed (hehe good luck Carlos!) So I landed in Wien at 17:30, instead of 12:30 as it was expected. So I lost my bus from Wien airport to Brno. Also my mobile phone was broken in the middle of flight so I have no way to call people from guadec to help me to know what I have to do when I arrived to Wien to go to Brno without the required bus. So I take a train to middle of Wien, I lost 2:30 hours asking people where’s the main train station to go outside Wien. I guess people were like me, since nobody knows or they told me (yes! just put the destination in the display! =)) but no, destinations were only inside Wien. When it was 20:30h I decided to go to an hotel and sleep that night in Wien and hope for more luck at the next day. But, in a hit of luck, the receptionist told me that I have to go to middling train station, which is where I can get a train to go outside Wien. GOOD!

When I arrive to middling station, the first train was at 1:30h, so a little late to take a train  and arrive to a city I don’t know. So I ask for the first train in the morning, they give me a ticket BUT told me that to take that train I have to go to West train station (really?? =( ) so in another aventure I manage to go to the other train station. I sleep in Wien and then, go to Brno next morning. In Brno I was very lost, since I follow the instructions, but when I arrived to semilasso I have not clue where the guadec was, since it is not “here”. So after an hour searching and asking I finally see some people with the badge, so I finally was in GUADEC!!

After this, the core days were a lot of interesting talks and parties, and a lot of lunchs. That was the best part for sure! Not too much to say, since it was all very very good experience and difficult to explain, just you have to experience it for yourself!



Then I did  my internship talk. I’m very nervous in these situations, although people strove to relax the speakers like me, but I was nervous anyway haha. After core days, I worked in my project with my mentor Florian Müllner who taught me how to rebase and squash patches, aside a lot of tips to work with.

So the overall experience was very good, and I hope I can go to Guadec – ES in my country, and or course the next Guadec =)

Nice to meet you all!


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